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You don’t have to be a strong academic to pursue and win prestigious awards; Funded™ is both a how-to guide for attaining an inspirational career and a professional development book that will transform you into the change agent you want to be.

  • Advice from successful scholarships applicants, fellowships reviewers, and mentors
  • Over ten real essays that won Fulbrights, Rotary Scholarships, and other grants
  • Worksheets to practice advice from the book
  • Book chapters are ordered in the sequence that applicants will follow when starting the process themselves, introducing the timeline and individual steps needed to be taken
  • Visual aids in the form of icons guide readers through the tool kit of advice and activities throughout the book (north-star indicates advice, origin-destination indicates other successful applicants’ anecdotes about navigating the process, protractor indicates sample essays, to-do list indicates steps to follow for success, worksheet header indicates an exercise to practice chapter lessons)
“Anyone with a big dream — that needs funding to get off the ground — should read Lucy Gent Foma’s must-read guide on finding fellowships, raising money and winning grants.”
— Kimberly Palmer, author of "The Economy of You" and senior editor at US News & World Report
“This is an essential guide for students, teachers, professionals, artists, and anyone who yearns to travel and work for a better world.”
— Ken Carpenter, PhD, Founder of Casa Xalteva Study Center, Granada, Nicaragua
“Funded™ is full of useful ideas and encouraging words, and there isn’t a grant-writer I know who couldn’t use a few of those.”
— Stefan Senders, PhD, Cornell University Fulbright Undergraduate Advisor
“No matter what your academic or financial background, your goals are worth pursuing and your dreams are within your reach.

This is the message that rings out loud and clear from the pages of Funded™. But this book is not just motivational, it is practical! Not only a great resource for fundraising personal projects but a great resource for personal leadership development, I highly recommend this book to all the youth and young professionals we train through our programs. Too often access to financial resources is limited to those who know about them and feel entitled to them; which too often means those who already have economic privilege. Lucy’s book makes these resources and the process to get them much more accessible to us all.”
— Bianca Sopoci-Belknap, Executive Director, Earth Care Chair, Sustainable Santa Fe Commission Program Director, New Energy Economy
“If you’re someone who has aspirations to explore and contribute to the world, the tools in this book can help make your dreams a reality.
By skillfully interweaving reflections from her own experience as the recipient of nearly a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships, fellowships, and grants; tips from other successful awardees and reviewers; and insightful leadership development exercises, Lucy equips us with the motivation, resources, and action steps necessary to successfully pursue funding for our passions.”
— Benjamin Gillock, Faculty, United World College - USA
“Funded™ offers invaluable insight and a systematic approach to the world of fellowships and funding for those who wish to follow their passion and make a difference in the world.”
— Ayla Schlosser, Founder & CEO, Resonate
“In Lucy Gent Foma’s book, Funded™, she has masterfully crafted a format where the practical recommendations flow according to a clearly organized structure. At the same time, her own and other individuals’ rich personal perspectives make the information easy to remember and apply, which is essential for busy readers.”
— Merideth Paxton, University of New Mexico, Research Associate, Latin American and Iberian Institute
“‘Funded’ is both a useful primer for first-time grant and fellowship seekers as well as an inspiring reminder for veterans who may be re-entering the application game.”
— Alexandra Huddleston, author of "333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu" and recipient of a Fulbright Islamic Civilizations Grant
“This is a brilliantly written, clear, and well organized guide to fundraising. Her story is a perfect model for how any individual can plumb the depths of their unique personal experiences to find their true passion. She demonstrates how to track the path from your own interests out into the practical world.”
— Catherine Hebenstreit, author of "Waking in the Dreamtime" and Life Coach