Surprises Await

When I talk to groups about my book, Funded!, I liken the process of getting fellowships to getting a wonderful present. You know how wonderful it is to get a box on your doorstep? I think that secretly we all order things online so we can forget it was us who bought the thing; we can pretend someone else bought us a present. So how wonderful is it to get a "gift" in the mail? Now imagine that it's a letter saying, "Congratulations! We have selected you to be a _______(program of choice) Fellow!" Or even better yet, imagine that it's a check for $500 or $1000 or $25000? How awesome would that be? This has happened to me and each time, it's the most wonderful feeling. 

Working on fellowship applications is not easy. It's an arduous process that takes many months in most cases. But the rewards are plentiful. And best of all, if you submit multiple applications every year, a surprise could be waiting for you at any time. Planting these seeds of joy that could explode into your life unexpectedly is the best present you could give yourself. Try it out, get my book Funded! from any of the vendors listed on my site