Three Ways to Find Fellowships


When people talk to me about finding fellowships, they ask about how to find the time to look for them. Just the research process is time-intensive. You have to make sure that the fellowship you're applying for is right for you, otherwise, all the work that goes into the application is a waste of time. So where do you find the time to do all this research? 


The Leisure Researcher

Well, I like to tell people that the process can be exciting and therefore can be something you do when you have twenty minutes between activities. Or, on days like today, when I have the whole day free, I can spend some time (even if I'm simultaneously watching a tv show or something) looking into fellowships for my future. This makes the research process almost a leisure activity and something I do while relaxing.


The Productive Procrastinator

Back when I was in school, I would use "productive procrastination" to get the fellowship research done. This means that when I had a more pressing task that I should have been doing, I would instead open a new tab on my computer to do a little research into a fellowship. This way, I was procrastinating yes, but I was also getting some valuable work done. 


The Fellowship Shopper

One of my mentors related looking into fellowships like having an online shopping cart. She likes to go onto her favorite shopping sites and add items to her "shopping cart" without actually buying, it's a way to window shop and idealize what she'll buy when she has the money. In the same way, keeping a "shopping list" of your fellowships that you keep eyeing and putting back on the shelf is a way to become intimately familiar with them over time. Taking glimpses of the sites multiple times will help you know the details of the program forwards and backwards. 


These are three ways that I've found to help do the research and make it fun. I hope you find that one (or all) of these works for your too!