Planning for the Unknown

If you're like me, you like to know the plan . . . and to control it. However, unfortunately that's not always possible. Somethings the future takes a while to reveal itself and plans start getting shaky. So what can a person like me do in that situation? I can plan for the unknown. 

Now, this relates to all parts of life, where I'm living, what job I'm doing, etc. But specifically, what I want to talk about today is planning for the unknown of pursuing your passion. 

A few years ago, my schedule was completely open. I didn't have a specific place I was looking to live or a specific job I was planning on doing. The world was my oyster and luckily at that time, I was able to see the flexibility in this situation instead of fretting about all the uncertainties. 

So what did I do with this abundant openness? I applied for as many scholarships, fellowships and grants as I possibly could. Teaching English in a foreign country? Check. Studying dance? Check. Studying environmental systems? Check. Starting an international program for youth? Check. Instead of putting all of my eggs into one basket, I looked for as many "close fits" to my interest areas as I could find and I gave it up to fate to decide what I'd be spending my time doing. 

Planning for the unknown means putting the options out there and laying down tracks in many directions. Other people call this, "having many irons in the fire." You don't know which one will pay off but at least your heating up your possibilities. Tell me about some of the possible directions you're looking at taking. I'd love to hear what you're up to (even if they're still uncertain)!