Decorate Yourself

I bet you are really good at something. It might take you a minute after reading that sentence to think of what that is, but I know you do something better than most people you know. What is that thing? Have you ever been recognized for it? One of the things that I love about fellowships, scholarships and grants is that you can finally get noticed and congratulated for doing something that you already know how to do. 

Maybe the thing you do is obscure, like some exotic instrument or type of singing. Maybe it's something you can't possibly imagine getting funded for. But after researching literally thousands of grants, I can tell you that you'd be amazed at what types of funds are out there. 

Take a chance, look into finding a fellowship or scholarship that would compliment your unique skillset. You might be surprised. This could be your chance to decorate yourself with an accolade that nobody else can claim.