What Gets You Down?

This week has been a very emotional week for me. My sensitivity radar has shock off the charts for some reason so all the news and daily interactions that usually pass me by have been getting me very down. As I tell my daughter all the time, everybody has feelings and it's normal to feel ALL of the emotions from joy to anger to fear. It would be really weird to not feel those things. And yet, when I'm feeling like the world is falling apart, I have to remind myself that everybody has ups and downs. 

Sometimes the downs have lasted a long time for me. Months, even close to years, but then the ups come again. So what is good about a down? For one, it makes you appreciate the ups more. Like when you experience a harsh winter, you are so much more grateful for the warmth of summer. But it can also let you tap into motivation. If something gets you so down, perhaps the only way to get out of the sorrow is by doing something about it. Your DOWN could become your UP. 

Brainstorm some things that make you feel down (I know, if you're not in a down spot, thinking about the downs is the last thing you want to do). But just generally jot down some ideas of things that have made you sad or hopeless in the past. Then think about something you can take action to do about it. There may be the seed of something brilliant in those negative feelings, it just takes some investigating!