Worrying is a Leisure Activity

My accupuncturist told me once, "Worrying is a leisure activity." I wrote this on the board at work once, and my co-workers got really mad. Apparently they interpreted it as "CARING is a leisure activity." Quite the contrary. If you care about something, DO something about it. Just worrying about it (especially in the middle of the night, as I tend to do) gets you nowhere. 

I have tried to take this advice to heart. What are the things that I worry about? Are they valid worries? Are they anxieties that could actually turn into motivation? Public speaking for me was (is) always something that I worried about but by turning the worry into practice and action, I used that anxiety to become a better speaker. 

What are the things that you worry about? One friend of mine recently described worrying about a choice to follow her dreams (and how it would be an utter failure). Following her dreams entailed uprooting her whole family and moving abroad for a year. But that worry was something that was holding her back. Instead, by following through with her brave choice, she is probably making the best possible decision. 

Please share what you're worrying about these days and if there's possibly a hidden treasure of a golden action hidden within that anxiety. Worrying is a leisure activity, but maybe it could turn into a great action.