Abundance of Different Kinds

I have been taking an online course this year called the Art of Money. It's great that it's online because you can go at your own pace, but there is also the community aspect if you want to have the support and ideas of others. On the day that my book launch party happened, one woman wrote on the Facebook page that she was devastated that her daughter just received a rejection on a major scholarship. The woman had been counting on to help her make college tuition affordable for their family. She wrote in angst about her devastating news and the teacher who leads the course said, "Have you talked with Lucy? She's in our group and has a new book about getting fellowships, scholarships, and grants." I also responded to her and offered my help.


That night, as I was signing copies of the books we sold, a woman approached the table and said, "You won't believe this but I'm the woman from the Facebook group!" It turned out she looked up my website immediately after she saw the Facebook post and the splash page that afternoon said, "COME TO MY BOOK LAUNCH PARTY TONIGHT!!" In a further twist, her son was already attending my event with his friend and had invited the mother along.


What a crazy coincidence, right?


So we got together for lunch one day and I helped brainstorm some ideas for her daughter. We then talked about the money course. She said something that I really liked and that has been on my mind for the last couple months. 


"I find with my business and personal life that abundance comes in different forms. Sometimes, when I'm running low on the money side of my business, I realize that the abundance at that moment is in having lots of friends who are helping me. Other times, I have abundance of trade or health when there's less money. And sometimes there IS an abundance of money." At that particular point when we had lunch, she was recognizing that the abundance in her life may have been access to loans to help pay for her daughter's tuition. 


I thought this was a really beautiful way to see the world and an inspiring look into all the ways we are supported. It's easy to streamline the definition of success as having lots of money or lots of "wins" but the gifts in our lives can be in unfamiliar packages. In this woman's case, realizing what she has that other people would like to have (access to credit) helped her see the support where other people would see failure. 


My work focuses on helping people get out of the uncomfortable situation of working in uninspiring fields or owing lots of money for school, but sometimes recognizing where a supposed burden is actually a support helps build a positive world view.