Tunnel Vision- and how to get out of it

Make a little goggles around your eyes with your hands, like you're a pirate. This is tunnel vision, or at least one version of it. 



Have you ever been at the end of your pay period and been so distracted by fretting over which checks might bounce that you feel completely frenzied? I've been fortunate in my life to only have been in this situation a couple times in the past three years since my family has had real financial responsibilities. It gives me a whole new sense of compassion for families who struggle with this EVERY pay period. 


I call this tunnel vision. When nothing else matters other than the immediate focus on feeding and housing your family.


I started out my young adult life only caring about environmental issues. I thought, "screw the humans who are messing up the planet, if they off themselves in the process of greed and self-aggrandizement, so be it!" But thanks to some gentle insights from my mother, I started to realize that most people are just trying to do anything they can to survive. Whether that be deforesting a local area to cook food in a rural underdeveloped country, or working for a tobacco company (which my friend's single mother did to put her through private high school), many people can only focus on the immediate needs of their families without seeing the wider ramifications of their actions (or seeing the ramifications as a necessary but negligible evil for a more valuable bottom line: survival). 


It's a great privilege to have enough money and security to choose where I want to work and choose to work for an environmental cause. That said, I think everyone deserves to do something they are passionate about and get out of the tunnel vision state-of-mind. 


Enter Funded! my book about getting funding to do what you love. I believe that if people can make enough money doing what they are truly passionate about and good at, they can widen their vision to care about the world and the people beyond themselves. They can be contributing and conscientious member of society. To read more about my philosophy of Happy People, Happy Communities, go HERE