Speaking for a Reason

Two weeks ago I spoke at the fundraiser for my former middle school. I was part of the first graduating class of the Santa Fe Girls' School and in the fifteen years since then, the school has flourished. I was delighted to be asked to speak, especially because this would mark the beginning of my speaking "career." I put career in quotation marks because I don't want to be a public speaker by profession. In fact, public speaking terrifies me and it's taken intensive training over the past year and a half to get a little more comfortable with it. No, I want to speak when there's something important to say, a message I think other people need to hear.

This week I'm beginning the first part of my book launch. Yay! I'm in Massachusetts speaking at colleges and at the Rotary club to get the students excited about all the amazing things they could do if they leverage their passions through fellowships. Next month, I'll be back in New Mexico, doing radio shows, a signing at UNM and then, on April 30th, my launch party! I've been working on the launch for months already and it's exciting to finally be launching. Speaking is the way I'm getting the word out, which is how I'm mustering up the courage to go far and beyond my comfort zone. Stay tuned!