The Most Important Meal of the Day

Last Thursday I had an irregular day. I had to be in Los Alamos (45 minute drive from my house) for an 8am meeting. Not having the time to go through my regular breakfast routine, I grabbed a piece of fruit as I rushed out the door. At 8:15, only fifteen minutes into my workday, my energy was crashing. I couldn't focus on what we were talking about and started panicking that I wouldn't make it through the meeting. This was just a reminder of why my usual habit of eating a good breakfast is so important. 

My typical morning goes like this: I get out of bed with my alarm and start the tea kettle, get all ingredients for a breakfast burrito, and set out a cup and plate on autopilot. The whole thing is worked out to a "t" so I don't have to think about it. Once my breakfast is made, I sit down at the kitchen table and eat while I do my morning writing. Once finished, I wash the dishes and get ready for the day. Then I'm good to go. 

You would think that bypassing this regular routine, like I did last Thursday, would be faster and allow me to get more done in the day, but it doesn't. I need this time and more importantly, a good breakfast, to get up and going. 

Breakfast should be one of the biggest meals of your day, with protein, carbs, and veggies, if possible. Think about it. Your body has not had food or water for over ten hours since dinner, and then you expect it to bounce right up and do everything for you? No. It needs to refuel to serve you for the day ahead.

One of my biggest qualms are sugar-packed, no protein breakfasts, like cereal or toast. What a waste of a meal. That sugar is going to burn right through you, giving our body nothing to use after just an hour. Let me share some of my favorite breakfasts: breakfast burritos (they have carbs, proteins, and spice), scrambled eggs over a steamed kale salad (you don't have to worry about veggies for the rest of your day!), or something to add variety: a breakfast rice pudding. Sometimes, if I am in the mood for a sweet breakfast, I use leftover rice from dinner, then add eggs, milk, honey, and cinnamon to make a breakfast pudding. 

With a little child and a husband, I try to get my whole family off to the best start each morning. It doesn't always work to get everyone to sit down and eat. But I know as a mother that I have to put my own oxygen mask on first in order to take care of everyone else. Getting my breakfast each morning ensures that the day will go as well as possible because I'll have the energy to do my best.