Fall in the Air

This morning my toes told me that Fall is on the way. The window at the foot of our bed has been open all summer, courteously inviting any lazy breeze to enter our house. My feet seek out the cooler temperatures, relocating many times as I sleep to get the best exposure. However before my eyes opened today, my legs leaped under the covers in refuge from a crispness they haven't felt in months. 

Sure enough, as I looked out the window while winding it closed, I saw the first yellow tinge outside. The air smells of the final exhale of oxygen before the leaves serve their last days of duty. Colder temperatures tell nature that it's time to bundle up. 

Our pre-teenaged neighbor across the street started school on Monday; cars have left the driveway by the time I head to work. I'm reminded of the excitement I used to feel at the beginning of the academic year. Time to learn again. I've been out of school for two years now and have a daughter who attends daycare year-round so our family falls outside of the nine-month cycle. I still cherish this time of year, when the most subtle cues around us, the wind, the sun, the trees, tell us change is coming. Time to cozy up and eat warm foods again.