Fellowships are Everwhere



Once you know about fellowships, they seem to pop up everywhere. I found my very first fellowship when I was browsing for ways to work or volunteer in Senegal. I happened to come upon a post written by a microfinance fellow in Senegal who was working with Kiva.org. "Hmm, a fellowship to do microfinance in Senegal that would simultaneously allow me to study dance . . . AWESOME!" It turned out I didn't get to go to Senegal on that fellowship (instead I was stationed in Cameroon which is where I met my husband, a sweet story for another post), but that started me off on the fellowships track. Keep an eye out for fellowships because they pop up in unlikely places. 

I was just searching for Jaclyn Friedman's quote, "After this game, everyone better start calling it 'soccer' and 'men's soccer.'" when I came upon a Global Health Corps blog written by a 2014-15 Fellow. Global Health Corps Fellowships look awesome!! If I were in this sector, I would be onto something big. If this describes you, check it out!! 

All Global Health Corps fellows are motivated, intelligent, and believe health is a human right. They come from diverse backgrounds, and vary in educational experience, professional expertise, and personal story. Whether they have a background in management, education, research, technology or another field, each fellow brings a unique perspective to their Placement Organization and the GHC community. Fellows have meaningful impact on their Placement Organization during the fellowship year, while developing leadership skills and relationships within a supportive community that will prepare them for deepened impact on global health over the course of their careers.
— Global Health Corps Fellows - What's a fellow?

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