Resolution: Examining "I Can't"

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions. I find they are hyped and short-term and more superficial than keeping long-term goals. But in the last month, I've felt a major shift in my life that I feel is something I want to keep examining. I want to delve into the things I think I "can't" do and see if that's really the truth. 

Since my daughter was born, my husband and I have felt a lot of pressure to make responsible, rational decisions. I don't mean to blame it on my daughter. If anything, perhaps this trend has been because having kids is the most tumultuous thing that can happen in our lives so fixing some certainty (like long-term jobs, stable living situations, Roth IRA's and life insurance) gives some semblance of continuity.

But I've found that we have also circled a lot around the phrase "I can't" or "we can't." Admittedly, this is mostly when we are discussing traveling back to Africa, but it's still a theme that has started to bind us to our responsibilities. But is that the truth? Is it really not possible to do some things anymore, now that we are adults with a kid?

I've been reminiscing about the days when I would save enough to buy a plane ticket and just trust that all the other pieces would line up. It did seem impossible to act on a whim like that with mounting monthly expenses. But a couple weeks ago, I said, "Screw it, I'm buying the ticket."  

As 2016 dawns and so many exciting things await, I feel exhilarated about is possible if I don't limit myself with "I can't."