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About Funded! How I leverage my passion to live a fulfilling life and how you can too

Author: Lucy Gent Foma

Title: Funded! How I leveraged my passion to live a fulfilling life and how you can too

ISBN: 9781630477080 LCN: 2015911709

Price: $17.95

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Pub date: May 16, 2016 Number of pages: 294



My name is Lucy Gent Foma and since graduating from Smith I’ve been awarded nearly a quarter of a million dollars in fellowship, scholarship, and grant monies - including a Fulbright Fellowship and a Rotary Scholarship. I worked as a microfinance fellow and environmental studies teacher in Cameroon, researched traditional dance in Senegal, traveled the world, and was able to graduate with my master’s from Cornell debt-free. Now I want to share my secrets


Funded! is both a how-to guide for people looking for an inspirational career, and a professional development book that will transform readers into the change agents they want to be. It includes anecdotes from other successful grant and scholarship winners - as well as my personal story - and step-by-step advice, worksheets, and exercises showing readers how to tell their story in a compelling way, find a mentor, line up contacts, and develop their passion.


The book is based on a simple precept: a person doesn’t have to be an extraordinary student (I myself was waitlisted at Smith, and struggled in academics for much of my life) to pursue and win these awards. All it takes is strategic planning and particular writing skill set, both of which I can help people acquire. Funded! appeals like a popular novel—the type of book one might read on a Sunday as a treat for completing weekend chores. At the same time, it is a powerful tool that gives readers a valuable end product and a cache of motivation for winning the fellowship of their dreams.


Primary audience

Undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. university grant resource departments and advisors, study abroad departments and advisors. Millennials who are post-college and who want to fund and live their dream, and work and study internationally or start non-profits for social change, beginning with themselves and their work.


Secondary audience

International travel types who want to expand and broaden their ability to work, research and create internationally; millennials in quarter-life crisis needing support, handholding and motivation, artists/academics/researchers who are older who want a practical, fun and motivating book on believing in their dreams with a how-to component, parents, teachers and other support figures who will want to help their children and young people in their life.


Author bio

Born in Santa Fe, NM, to a family of West African dance and drum artists, Lucy Gent Foma is a dancer, city planner, and writer who has lived in Senegal, Cameroon, Brazil, as well as the southwest and northeast of the United States. She has received merit-based funding to conduct research and implement projects in American and African cities alike. After graduating from Smith College, she was a Fulbright Fellow and a Rotary Scholar in Senegal before attending Cornell for her master’s degree. She currently works as a Transportation Scholar for the National Park Service.


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